Grinders For Disc Brake Pads
This machine has been designed for sintering (hot pressing) of brake pads.
The furnace press is based on the electric irradiant heating system through a multiple set of armoured and protected heating elements located in the bell wall itself.
It has been designed and built to achieve a uniform heating of the dies, this in keeping up with the pre-arranged thermal cycle, depending on type of pads and compound to be sintered.

Main Features
Sturdy and widely dimensioned frame and casing;
The furnace is composed by a sturdy electro-welded metal frame, finely painted which inside contains:
Insulating and non-conductive parts, in different strata,  to reduce the dissipation towards the outside; 
The heating elements calculated for a low superficial load, mounted on electro-ceramic supports, easily extractable for a rapid replacement; muffle  tube in super-refractory steel of hard thickness for thermal treatment under protective atmosphere, complete of exhaust chimney. 
The furnace movable plates consist of a special steel plate, temperature resistant type and of such a shape as to facilitate positioning of dies at the chamber centre. 
Single hydraulic piston for mould pressing
Low noise hydraulic pack unit whit a oil pressure electronically controlled 

Gas control: (standard version)
Controlled atmosphere system through inlet of inert gases (e.g. nitrogen)

Temperature control:
Multiple Temperature control: 
- nr. 3 thermocouple to check chamber temperature (tube) on each cylindrical section
- nr. 3 thermocouple to check heating resistance 
-    nr. 3 thermocouple to check die temperature 
Each chamber thermocouple controls a separate solid-state current controller for a power heating adjusting. This system improve a chamber temperature uniformity 

Cycle management:
PLC S7 series made by SIEMENS for the control of heating cycles through a touch screen control panel, capable of storing on SD Card, Working Programs containing up to 10 steps each. The operator working software, make graphics analysis of all working parameters and printout. Alarm page with historical event control for verify machine stops also during un-controlled working hours
The machine software is able to modify the heating response according to the mould dimension, with a controller that changes automatically the PID parameter.
Automatic pre-heating cycle for starting production, with provision possibility of a timer to enables of pre-established working hours.
Cooling chamber under controlled protective atmosphere (N2 or N2+H2 at 5% max.)
Cooling of the pads under pressure in order to avoid deformations
Display through ammeters of current consumption at each phase 
Dimension control for checking the mould high during sintering process.

The total useful surface of the mould disk is 28.000 cm² and approximately 25-40 pads can be loaded on each of the 18 plates.
The cycle time depend on the compound and cycle steps and could be between 8 to 12hours . The pads are downloaded at a temperature of 120 °C.