Grinders For Disc Brake Pads
· Machine equipped with a ISO pneumatic cylinder Ø 250 mm at 7 bar
· Supporting structure of the unit
· Shuttle feeding system equipped with pneumatic actuator equipped with control the speed of the movement
· Carrier for the positioning of a dedicated support plate for the pad entering the machine. 
· Heating system of the upper plate, equipped with electrical resitors and with adjustable
   temperature system, max temperature 200°C
· Pressure manual adjustment system, equipped with precision gauge
· Double-Hand safety operational start of the working cycle of the machine
· Protection  transparent panels around the machine working area
· Protection optical guards for the operator between the working area and the loading area of the machine
· Electrical equipment suitable for main power supply in use in the Country of destination  
· Electrical material, mainly Siemens brand  
· Safety devices for the operator and the environment according to E.C. safety rules (CE mark)