Grinders For Disc Brake Pads
The grinders type RPF.10 are the ideal technological solution for the medium volume production of disc brake pads both for the OE Manufacturers, thanks to their high grinding quality and for the Aftermarket Suppliers, thanks to their very short set up time.

Set up time is included between 4 and 20 minutes, depending on the number of grinding spindles, the type of controls and on the installed optional devices.

These grinders can be provided with one, two or three grinding stations, depending on the number and type of required operations.

These grinders have no need for dedicated tooling and jigs to take into account the different types of pins (protrusions) on the backing plate of the disc brake pads.

The grinding machine type RPF.10/3M is equipped with three or four grinding stations. The grinding operations that can be performed, on disc brake pads, by means of this machine are:
Linear single or multiple slots (station 1)
Parallel chamfers (station 1)
Pre-grind of the main surface  (station 2)
Finish grind of the main surface (station 3)
Compound chamfering ability needs the optional 4th station working by horizontal interpolation.

· Disc brake pads for bicycles and motorcycles
· Disc brake pads for passenger cars
· Disc brake pads for commercial and medium duty vehicles and trucks

The RPF.10/3M machine can be equipped with standard unloading unit and our pad turnover device.

Please note that the chamfering unit that we have developed for the basic machine RPF.10/3/M is a simplified version of the unit that we normally install on our "larger grinders" type RPF.6/LS. The two grinding heads of the unit are in line (not off-set) and driven by a single servomotor and for this reason, some geometry of compound chamfers may not be feasible with this simplified version. Feasibility of compound chamfers on this machine type must be double checked by us using the AutoCAD drawings of the pads with compound chamfer that you are planning to produce on this machine.

The RPF.10/3M machine, even when it may install the horizontal interpolation compound chamfering station, will be equipped with semi-manual controls and no PLC or Operator Panel will be installed on the grinder.

The horizontal interpolation compound chamfering operations will be carried out by our standard electronic (drives and brushless motors) Lenze. The interpolation parameters will be set into the drives of the electronics by electro-mechanical controls. For this reason, it will not be possible to store the part program recipes in the machine control system, but the production people will have to record on a production paper sheet the set up parameters of each pad type.
The productivity of the machine type RPF.10/3M is of about 1.200 PCP/h (to be confirmed according to the stock allowance to be removed and after analysis of the pad drawings).