Grinders For Disc Brake Pads

Hybrid robotic grinder For Disc Brake Pads

To extend its grinding solutions for DISC BRAKE PADS portfolio, COMEC developed a new concept of robotic grinder. 
Besides the popular COMEC cartesian multifunctional concept grinders model RPF.21, is now available a hybrid concept of robotic grinder, the model RPF.51. 
This machine put together the surface parallelism, thickness, and planarity precision of the COMEC traditional grinding solutions with the easy way to operate and flexibility of the FANUC commercial anthropomorphic robots. 

The hybrid grinder type RPF.51 is equipped with two FANUC commercial anthropomorphic robots, which are grinding slots and chamfers (where the tolerances most of the times are not tight and then reachable by a commercial robot), while the thickness is ground on a SOLID COMEC grinding station to guarantee the best results in terms of parallelism and planarity. 

When tolerances on chamfers and slots are tight, COMEC traditional multifunctional grinders model RPF.21 and the linear grinders model RPF.6/LS are the most indicated grinding solutions. 

This grinder can carry out all the possible geometries on a disc brake pads such as chamfers (parallel and radial) diamond chamfers, slots (linear, diagonal and radial), grinding of the metallic side of the pads. 

This grinder has minimum need for dedicated tooling and jigs to take into account the different types of pins (protrusions) on the backing plate of the disc brake pads and works with universal grinding wheels.

· Automatic loading 
· Linear slots 
· Diagonal slots 
· Radial and tangential slots 
· V-shape slots 
· Parallel chamfers 
· Compound chamfers 
· Tangential chamfers 
· Diamond chamfers 
· J-chamfers 
· Grinding of the thickness 
· Pads cleaning 
· 100% thickness, parallelism and planarity checking 
· Automatic unloading