Grinders For Truck Linings And Brake Shoes
The grinder type RCF.60/B has been designed for processing the external diameter of both parallel and tapered rigid truck linings by interpolation.
This machine is suitable for processing both large batches, thanks to its high productivity, and also small - medium batches, thanks to its short set up times.

1.  FUNCTIONAL FEATURES                           
A.  The front diamond plated grinding wheel is universal, i.e. it can process all types of linings.
B. The clamping and reference supporting fixture depends on the internal diameter of the lining only (not on the eccentricity between the internal and external diameters).
C. Up to four lining supporting fixtures of the same type can be mounted on the worktable at the same time to increase the productivity, depending on the size and shape of the lining.
D. The safety and noise-protection devices are quoted as optional, depending on the legislation of the Country where the machine is installed.  In Europe these devices are compulsory (CE mark).

A. Productivity (for a lining with a chord of 200 mm,
stock allowance 2 mm) :         parts/hour  650 
B.  Set up time :                                                                              between 20 and 30  min                                                   
•   This type of grinder, having the possibility to interpolate does not require supporting
fixtures having dimensions and shapes strictly connected both to the internal diameter and to the eccentricity between the centres of the internal and external diameters.
Their dimensions and shape are connected to the internal diameter of the lining to
be processed only.
All the linings having the same internal diameter can be processed with the same set of supporting fixtures.
This solution allows to reduce the number of dedicated supporting fixtures by a  factor of about 10 with significant advantages in terms of :
- Investment costs
- Set up time savings
•  The grinding wheel is universal and does not depend on the type of lining to be processed.
•  All the side guides and the tilting devices of the loading and unloading systems are adjustable, to minimise set up time and reduce tooling costs.

•    Internal diameter: minimum mm 250 / maximum mm 450
•    Angle: maximum deg 65      
•    Width: minimum mm 90 / maximum mm 260