Presses For Disc Brake Pads HOT SOLUTIONS
ELECTRONIC DOSING MACHINE with a built-in powder container of 45 lt capacity, for automatic weighing of powder and mixture of powder for brake pads production.

- auto-learning system of the dosing parameters: it is only necessary to set the weight and the tolerance, while the machine determines, according to these two values and the type of powder, the belt speed.
- Feeding system by belt conveyor in order to avoid segregation of the powders.
- Weight resolution: 1 g
- Tolerance of weight: 1 g
- Self-tare for offset zeroing at every weighing cycle.
- Self-diagnostic: message on display with error acoustic alarm
- Fast emptying for powder replacement
- Sensors for min-max level of powder
- Automatic discharge of the doses with wrong weight
- Opt dust suction conveyors