Presses For Disc Brake Pads HOT SOLUTIONS
Hydraulic compression hot press PCV 400BRK for pads production, with platen dimensions mm 700x700, controlled by PLC SIEMENS S7-300 CPU 313C interfaced with an operator terminal TP170 5,7" colour display. Store capacity of 100 complete moulding cycles.  Dimensions of  heating platens (lower, upper and intermediate) mm 600x600.
Mould sliding run-out table fixed in opposite positions (back and front) at differentiated heights (1 at the upper edge of the intermediate platen, when this is in position of loading/unloading moulds).  Adjustable guides; "mould guides" to position on the lower heating platen and the upper intermediate platen.  "Alarms" luminous signal positioned in the electric cabinet. 

Indicative production capacity:
It depends on the dimensions of the pads to be molded and on the thermal cycle used. 
Indicatively with two flash moulds for pads (20 cavities) and a 4 minutes thermal cycle, the hourly productivity is approx. 550 pads/hour.
All the operations of mould filling, back plates loading, mould loading on press, mould unloading, pads extractions and mould cleaning are carried out manually.