Presses For Disc Brake Pads HOT SOLUTIONS
Cold and warm molding.
Automatic cycle with manual loading of  the back plates and  unloading of the pads.

The press is fitted with:
Volumetric compound loading shoe
This device is permanently in contact with the matrix bearer plate. The sliding of the shoe is made by an hydraulic cylinder. The loading phase can be repeated more times, making easier the loading of the fibrous compounds. The compound loading chambers are created by a vertical movement of the matrix (the size of the chambers may vary, but staying within the field of the matrix sliding), which determines the size for each type of moulding. The control of the chamber opening is made by a linear transducer and positive stop in a manually adjustable dimension.

Fixed punch mould-holder
This device has been especially studied in order to make the mould change easy and quick (approximately 4 minutes for the entire operation). The front part of the matrix can be opened on the front to help placing the mould. In the lower part, and more exactly on the lower reaction plate of the machine, there is a plate with balls. Such plate makes it easier the sliding of the matrix and punch group during the positioning of the mould holder matrix.

Indicative Production Capacity:
450/900 pads/hour with a four-cavity mould,  230/450 pads/hour with a two-cavity mould in 100% efficiency conditions (depending on smoothness of material to mould).  Cycle lasting time average: 15÷30 seconds, according to the automation level requested.  The solution with underlayer dosing involves an increase of the cycle time of about 4÷6 seconds.