Presses For Disc Brake Pads HOT SOLUTIONS
The press is fitted with:
Compound and underlayer distribution device
The system is composed by small boxes where the dosing machines unload the doses of compound and underlayer. The boxes provide, with a special movement, the distribution of the powders within the cavities of the mould.
The unit is furthermore equipped with levelling punches that allow the levelling of the compound before the underlayer load (if supplied). The compound loading chambers are created by a vertical movement of the matrix (the size of the chambers may vary, but staying within the field of the matrix sliding), which determines the distribution of the powders. The control of the chamber opening is made by a linear transducer and positive stop in a manually adjustable position.

Fixed punch mould-holder
This device has been especially studied in order to make the mould change easy and quick (approximately 4 minutes for the entire operation). The front part of the matrix can be opened on the front to help placing the mould. Inside the matrix there are two references for the correct position of the cavities. In the lower part, and more exactly on the lower reaction plate of the machine, there is a plate with balls. Such plate makes it easier the sliding of the matrix and punch group during the positioning of the mould holder matrix.

Electronic dosing machines
With a built-in powder container of 45 lt capacity , for automatic weighing of powder and mixture of powder for brake pads production.
Auto-learning system of the dosing parameters: it is only necessary to set the weight and the tolerance, while the machine determines, according to these two values and the type of powder, the belt speed. Feeding system by belt conveyor in order to avoid segregation of the powders.

Weight resolution: 0,1 g
Tolerance of weight (min.): 0 /+ 1 g
Self-tare for offset zeroing at every weighing cycle.
Self-diagnostic: message on display with error acoustic alarm
Fast emptying for powder replacement
Sensors for min-max level of powder on the powder container
Setting parameter and on-line page visualized on the control panel of the press
Automatic discharge of the doses with wrong weight
Dust suction conveyors

The standard machine is equipped with 2 scales  which can be 3 on request (2 for the compounds and 1 for the underlayer) to increase productivity.

The cycle time is approximately 26 seconds with a two-cavity mould with a not particularly fibrous material compound and a dwell time of 1 (one) sec.