Presses For Disc Brake Pads HOT SOLUTIONS
Hydraulic Vertical Press type PCVM.I 500 BRK controlled by PLC SIEMENS S7 interfaced with an operator terminal Touch Screen SIEMENS MP277 equipped with 10" STN colour display.  Heating platens mm 800x800, stroke mm 1000, clearance for each daylight mm 500.  Intermediate active platen composed of one single heating platen with 2 working surfaces.  Electric control cabinet separated from the Press.

Indicative production capacity:
It depends on the dimensions of the linings to be molded and on the thermal cycle used. 
Indicatively with two moulds with 3/4 cavities and a 7 minutes thermal cycle, the hourly productivity is approx. 51/68 linings/hour.
All the operations of mould filling, mould unloading and mould cleaning are carried out manually.